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Lehigh Valley Hospital
NICU Parent support Group Newsletter

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Farewell for now….

 I can remember when Colleen, Kerry, Leahn and I were in the NICU together. We would often talk about how important it was to know someone else understands what you’re going through, the need to talk to someone else and wanting desperately to speak to a parent who's child was older and know that we would all get through this somehow. I knew then how important a parent support group was and I still do today. It has been amazing watching the progress of the group since it started with just a handful of families almost 5 years ago.  Today, the group sends monthly newsletters to almost 1000 families and has trained almost 40 support parents. We visit the NICU and PNU weekly and do monthly phone calls to discharged families to follow-up once they are home with their babies. We hold monthly meetings, have speakers, parties and a PICNIC. We hold one fundraiser every year, our Chinese Auction and provide support and supplies for the NICU, PNU and lactation consultants.  We created the Wall of Fame that is proudly displayed outside the NICU so that family, friends and hospital employees can remember just how miraculous our babies are.  We create special gifts for parents on special holidays especially, Mother's Day, Father's Day and Christmas/Hanukkah "family photo" sessions. We have worked in conjunction with the March of Dimes, Parent to Parent of PA, the Special Kids Network and the National Perinatal Association to increase awareness and prevention of pre-tern delivery as well as the improved care of premature babies. Through a grant from the March of Dimes, we ran a statewide conference for NICU Parent Support Groups to exchange ideas and create a support network. I am quite proud of how much our still quite young group has accomplished and it is with a heavy heart that I must pass on the position of Group Coordinator. In September, I will be returning to college full time to earn my teaching certificate in Elementary Education, continuing to work part time at the hospital and being a full time mommy to my 5 year old daughters (my preemies). I can not give the attention to the support group that I know is necessary to be effective. I will miss you all but know that I am leaving the group in the capable hands of all of you…other Mothers and Fathers of miraculous babies!

Believe in miracles
Michele Shara
2814 Russell St
Allentown PA 18104

Hello all!!

My name is Marie Lichtenwalner, and I’m going to try and help keep our group going for Michelle until she can return.  Unfortunately, I am not half the woman she is, so we are going to need a lot of help from everyone to keep us flowing.  I know everyone has busy, full lives, including myself, but everyone just does a little something, no one person has to be overwhelmed.  (Which I have to admit, I’m already feeling!!!) 

To let you know a little about me, I have three year old triplets, and I have just moved, so I can barely find the computer under all the boxes!!  SO!!!  I have included a list of things that still need someone to help with.  Please look over the list and let me know where you can help.  Thanks in advance and I can’t wait to work with all of you!!!

Marie Lichtenwalner

Announcing your new leaders !!

 Group Coordinator:

Marie Lichtenwalner, mother of triplet boys
25 Timothy Dr. Mertztown, PA 19539

Monthly Newsletter Editor:

Colleen Ornosky
1729 Bayard St, Bethlehem, PA 18017        

Marie Lichtenwalner will be assisting and everyone will be writing their own reports

Treasurer: Christine Weston

Tuesday Night Scheduler:

Maria Miller

Wall of Fame:

LeeAnn Harwi

Second volunteer needed

Holiday Gift Coordinator:

Dawn Whitehead

Monthly Follow-up:

Cheryl Endy

Holiday Parties & Picnic:

KerryAnn Williams
(Work)   610-820-9412 x23

Colleen Ornosky

Training Classes:

Jennifer Burkhardt

Joan Fabian (northern)

Ordering Ink & Paper for NICU:

Dawn Whitehead

Chinese Auction:

Colleen Ornosky – co-chair

Cheryl Endy - co-chair

Ordering Ink & Paper for NICU:

Dawn Whitehead

Holiday Photo Cards:

Kerry Ann Williams
(work) 610-820-9412 x23

Cheryl Endy

Gestational Brochure:

Ann Pritchard

Important Info for Parents & Peds:

Dawn Whitehead

Spanish Brochures Available

Trained Support Parent who speaks Spanish:

Alison Todd

Has Washer/Dryer for NICU:

Jennifer Christman

Still need volunteers for . . .

I have included the major parts of each of these jobs, but we have more information about each available. Michelle has already done the ground work for these, we just need people to follow the outlines she has designed.

Monthly Newsletter:

Write about upcoming events
Find stories/articles of interest to include (there are endless possibilities)
Compile/organize submitted stories/articles
Review/get others’ reviews of events from the past month
Thanks you’s
Someone else types and formats it, but the hospital needs the final copy to send to the printers.

Monthly Meetings:

Reserve rooms at the hospital**
Send info to newsletter
Schedule speakers*
Be there, or arrange for someone to be there the day of to help set up and open the room
Find out who the group wants to hear from (can be done through the newsletter)
After meeting write topic up for the newsletter.

* this is already done for the rest of this year
** this is done for 2003

Yearly Recognition Volunteer Dinner:

Restaurant reserved
Invitation sent out
Usual party prep

Chinese Auction   (May 15-17, 2003):

We are going to need A LOT of help here, because it is  the most important event for NICU, because it funds everything that gets done.

Chair Person(s)  Colleen Ornosky
                       Cheryl Endy
Letters mailed out for donations
Collect donations
Set up volunteers for auction weekend
Informational flyers to be sent
Write up pre-sale tickets
Drawing sheets
Buy supplies for setting up
Make up signs and cards for items for auction day
*We have copies of previous years items, so a lot of these things you would not have to create, just adapt to the current year.  Colleen and Cheryl have been involved, so contact them if you're not sure how you can help.

Preemie Calandar:

New Project

We have sample one, so need to decide if we are going to buy from them, or create our own. 

Thanks for all your help!!  If you would like to volunteer for any of these jobs, please contact Marie Lichtenwalner at 610-641-9540 or email her at

Thank you’s

Thank you to everyone this month.  Because of new people taking over, I don’t have a list of people to specifically thank, but know you are appreciated!!!


Anyone who has something to be printed in the newsletter, please send it to Marie Lichtenwalner or Colleen Ornosky as soon as you have it ready.  Thanks!!

 Marie Lichtenwalner
25 Timothy Drive
Mertztown, PA  19539

Colleen Ornosky
1729 Bayard Street
Bethlehem, PA  18017