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Some of our Little Miracle Stories

Brandon Scott Watson

Logan Jean Blashock

Andrea Ross

Brandon Scott Watson was born January 15, 1998 at 24 weeks gestation weighing 1lb. 2 oz. and 12” long. My pregnancy appeared to be going normal until 23 ˝ weeks when I started to spot. I was sent by ambulance to LVH and told I may deliver on the way. Once there a bleak picture was painted and I was started on MAG. Then my water broke and the MAG was stopped. Drs. felt our son would be born that night and not have a bright future...but he wasn’t and waited until 24 weeks.

Our biggest struggle was Brandon wasn’t getting off the ventilator. It was so hard to watch him fail and struggle to breath. It was devastating watching younger, smaller babies get extubated. No one can understand until they have been through it themselves. We went through surgeries and evaluations and ended up having to get a trach put in to create a healthy airway. Brandon went home on a vent with home nursing care.

The almost 6 months in the NICU changed our lives. I believe that Brandon was put on this earth for great accomplishments. He makes us not take little things for granted and the big breathing

Logan Jean Blashock was born December 8, 1997 at 24 weeks gestation, weighing 1 lb. 8 1/4 oz. and 12 1/4 in.  My Mommy was Christmas shopping when I decided I wanted to come out. The next day we were air lifted to LVH were mom was tilted backwards to try to keep me in, it only lasted 33 hrs. My parents were so scared, my Daddy saw me for a split second before I was rushed to the NICU, where I would spend the next 77 days. I was glad my parents had me baptized right away.

On my second night of life I almost lost my battle. The doctor told my parents I had a pulmonary hemorrhage and chances were slim to survive. So this time I got confirmed, pretty religious at this point, considering I’d never even been to a church. It worked..I was O.K.

After dealing with those questionable CBC’s, learning how to “suck, swallow and breath,” and all the other daily ups and downs, I was finally able to go home...with a monitor and oxygen for feedings. Today, I am a healthy and very energetic two year old. My only medical problem being a lazy eye, and that’s OK with me

Andrea Ross was born at 25 weeks gestation, weighing 1 lb. 8 oz. After trying for 2 yrs. to conceive and a multitude of fertility tests, I was thrilled to be having our 1st child.

At 12 wks. I started bleeding and discovered I had placenta previa. On our 5th anniversary we took off of work and asked our OB/GYN for an ultrasound. Andrea’s guardian angel made her presence known as the results showed I was 4cm dilated and about to miscarry. I had an emergency cerclage and was put on complete bedrest. At 24 weeks, I was  transferred to LVH with bleeding, contractions and pneumonia. We lasted another week until my placenta abrupted and I had an emergency c-section. Most of the c-section was a blur, between the MAG, fever from the pneumonia and stress. But I do remember Andrea’s cry before they intubated her, she sounded like a little kitten.

Our worst day was when Andrea had to go for eye surgery. The terror we felt at the possibility  of her being blind. She did terrific. She can now spot a McDonald’s sign before I can. I’ll never forget bringing her home. Our whole family met at a designated spot we pass on the way home. With all the cars decorated with balloons and horns honking. Dunmore would never be the same.

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